Classes and Programs

EYC Class Offerings/Descriptions
All classes are 50 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted.

Interval Cardio
You’ll burn calories, get your heart rate up, and engage and strengthen your core in this fast-paced cardio class. The class is broken up into segments (intervals) that include calisthenics, like deep squats and jump squats; cardio exercises that might include sprints, jumping jacks, and high knees; and abdominal and core exercises, like crunches and wall squats; followed by a brief body stretch. Interval Cardio will challenge you, make you sweat, help you to become cardio-healthy, and hopefully leave the class with a smile on your face!
*Sneakers required.

Looking to improve your balance, build muscle and stamina while simultaneously strengthening your core? Then this EYC fusion class that incorporates barre, Bosu, and TRX is for you. Challenge yourself as you balance atop a Bosu while performing ballet relevés, leg extensions, and other exercises at the barre—or while performing TRX suspension exercises—using your body’s own resistance—as you practice triceps curls, biceps curls, and planks. A great workout for sculpting your body! (Format may vary from week to week.)

Interval Reformer:
This EYC class makes full use of the Reformer machine. The pullies, Reformer boxes, and jumpboard each add a special challenge to the intervals of planks, push-ups, and jumping that you’ll perform in this fast-paced workout. When you finish, your limbs will be stretched and your soul will soar!

A melding of classic Pilates and ballet-inspired postures set to an upbeat musical playlist. This EYC class begins with a warmup that stretches your limbs and warms your core, preparing it for a fluid workout at the barre. On the mat, you’ll find and perfect your body’s “C-curve” as your instructor leads you through challenging, core-building exercises on the mat. Perform forearm planks, full planks, side planks, bridges, crunches, and teasers—all to strengthen your core. Don’t drop those hand weights! These three-pounders will challenge and sculpt!

It might look a bit like a medieval torture device, but the Reformer machine is an awesome apparatus that gives your Pilates workout a new dimension and allows you to achieve new heights in fitness. Lying on your back, your side, or kneeling, you will perform a variety of resistance exercises using the machine’s pullies to stretch your limbs and strengthen your core—and stretch a smile across your face!

Expect a full-body stretch as your instructor guides you through a blend of traditional Yoga postures and classic Pilates positions. Whether using the “magic circle,” resistance bands, a small purple sponge-ball strategically placed to challenge your core—all while using your body as the main “prop”—you will feel longer, stronger, and more alive at the end of this class. Don’t forget to give yourself a well-deserved, satisfying, and life-affirming full-body sigh!

Cardio Jumpboard:
You’ll sweat, smile, and jump like mad in this high-intensity EYC class that attacks the Reformer jumpboard. Call upon your core as you bunny jump, frog jump, hop on one leg, run while lying on your side, jumping jack, scissor kick, and jump your way through several more exercises that will get your heart rate going and leave you feeling victorious.

Reformer Sculpt:
Traditional Pilates postures performed on the Reformer machine. Your position might be prone, but your core is alive and active in this workout that incorporates weights, Pilates balls, and resistance bands to sculpt and define your hard-working muscles.

Pilates Remixed (mat):
Come to the mat for a challenging workout that consists of classic Pilates postures while mixing it up each week by varying the props. You might perform several successions of hand weight routines, squeeze the purple sponge-ball between your thighs to work your gluteus muscles, balance in teaser position to activate your core, or bravely “jackknife” and plank atop the large Pilates ball. Each prop and related posture will help you enhance your Pilates discipline.

TRX, Core, & More
In this challenging EYC circuit class, you will test, and expand, your body’s limits in a series of fitness- and stamina-building drills—all while having a blast! You will go “full-throttle” on the TRX, perform cardio and core exercises, and strengthen and condition your body through specific calisthenics. The class is divided into circuits, or stations—each with a specific set of exercises that you will repeat for two or more intervals. The “more” is a bonus: a mini-blast set of exercises to ensure that you leave class not exhausted, but with a smile and sense of accomplishment.
*Sneakers required.

Improve your balance, and posture, as you perform Pilates exercises on a specially designed “surfboard.” Planks and squats become more challenging as you call upon your core to keep you steady. After a few sessions, any “shakiness” subsides and your strengthened, and trained, core keeps you upright, steady, and proud.

Abs & Arms (mat):
If toned arms and rock-hard abs are what you want (and who doesn’t?), then this EYC class is for you. Don’t be fooled by the three-pound hand weights. Multiple repetitions will have your biceps and triceps screaming “thank you!”—for newly sculpted muscle. Crunches, bridges, and planks will awaken and strengthen your abdominal muscles as you take to the mat to complete this core workout.

Reformer Sculpt:
This class adds a new dimension to the standard Reformer class. By using additional props, which might include hand weights, resistance bands, balance sticks, and Pilates balls, you will activate your muscles and create definition to sculpt and tone your body. The inclusion of push-ups and planks, performed on the Reformer, will keep your core awake and active.

In this EYC combo class, you’ll heat up, work your core, increase your muscle definition, improve your balance, and get your heart rate going. Grab hold of the TRX bands that are suspended from the studio’s celling to perform push-ups, planks, biceps curls, triceps curls, and improve your balance for an upper- and lower-body resistance workout. Then hop onto a Reformer machine, lie on your back, and start to “bunny jump,” “frog jump, and “scissor kick,” until your core screams, “Yeah!”

This fusion class—a blend of yoga and Pilates exercises—is taught by rotating instructors, so expect a slightly different workout, depending on the instructor. You can count on Downward Dogs and core exercises, all intended to engage your core and give your body a full workout. End the class with a relaxing stretch.

Pilates Kickboxing/Boot Camp:
Get your groove on in this super cardio/boot camp class where you will kick, punch, and lunge to dance music while using three-pound hand weights to flex your muscles. Challenge yourself with heavier weights in the boot camp segment of the class, where you will go through several drills at different stations to build your core strength. You might balance atop a Bosu while performing Pilates postures or firmly ground yourself as you squat to lift a Bosu above your head in repetition. Finish on the mat for planks and abdominal work. This is a workout that will make you sweat and smile!
*Sneakers required.

HIIT, Core, and More:
HIIT stands for “high-intensity interval training,” and you will blast through this quick-moving segment of class with more intensity than you may have thought you possessed, along with grit and determination. Core work follows that is sure to include abdominal-strengthening exercises. The “more” might include biceps and triceps exercises with weights, or whatever finishing Pilates exercise your instructor chooses.

Private Sessions
Whether you’re a bit shy, if group classes just aren’t your thing, or maybe you simply prefer one-on-one instruction (whether ongoing or only one or two sessions to help you master a specific Pilates posture), EYC’s private sessions are for you. Our specially trained instructors, including EYC studio owner LisaHapp, are ready to help you.